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miércoles, julio 01, 2009

Replacing the innerHTML of a table/tbody

There are some DOM Objects that IE doesn't permit to change the innerHTML; ej. tbody, tables and tr's.

That really sucks, because the first option it's create all the tr's by hand. Guess what, I have a little workaround that maybe can help you.

var changeInnerHTMLOfMyCuteTbodyById = function (id_tbody, inner_html)
var my_tbody = document.getElementById (id_tbody);
var my_table = my_tbody.parentNode;

my_table.removeChild (my_tbody);

//creating dom tree
var html = '<table style=\'display:none;\'><tbody id='+ id_tbody+'>' +
inner_html + '</tbody></table>';

var tmp_div = document.createElement ('div');

tmp_div.innerHTML = html;

document.body.appendChild (tmp_div);

//moving the tbody
my_table.appendChild (document.getElementById (id_tbody));

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